Whiteface Woodland - Love Birds - 100g

by Cat and Sparrow UK

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The Fibre

This is the most wonderful wool to spin. It is from a rare breed called Whiteface Woodland, which was close to extinct 30 years ago, but thanks to the increase in interest in wool from rare breeds, it is now reviving.

The fibre itself is extremely springy, fluffy and crisp - it has a lovely hand, and spins beautifully. I love how it spins up as well - the yarn has lots and lots of elasticity, and I find it's very easy to spin evenly. It's just delightful.

This fibre is coarser than fibres like BFL and Merino, but I would wear it next to my skin quite comfortably (although I am quite hardy). It would be perfect for gloves or socks, as it's quite hard wearing, or for sweaters and hats.

Colours and Inspiration

The inspiration for these two was a pair of Lovebirds that my aunt used to have when I was a very small child.  I still remember how pretty they were.  This is a lovely warm blend of pale olive, pink, lilac and grey.  

Each braid is 100% Whiteface Woodland and weighs 100g.

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