Frog Prince - Merino/silk/Corriedale - 100g

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This is a buttery, shimmery blend of beautiful green Merino, fine New Zealand Corriedale and a mix of Tussah and Mulberry silk.  

Merino and Corriedale are both lovely, soft wools with a medium staple length that spin evenly, and work well in fine yarns, and felt well.  The high silk content of this blend means that the spun yarn will have a slightly heavy drape, and will have a silky sheen that is very noticable.  It's ideal for spinning into yarn for use in shawls and scarves, but will also work for garments, including gloves, as it has plenty of elasticity to stop it losing its shape when washed. 

This blend was inspired by my sympathy for the Frog Prince, whom nobody seemed to love just for himself. Who needs a frog to turn into a prince, when you can find one who is just perfect as he is? Frogs need more love just for what they are, in my opinion.

This particular frog is a lovely blend of various green hues, mixed with natural silk.  It's beautifully bright and will add a spark of colour to any day, come rain or shine.

The blend is:
50% Merino
33% Silk
17% Corriedale

Each braid weighs approximately 100g.

All of the fibres we use are carefully sourced to ensure the highest quality. None of the wool we use comes from mulesed flocks. 

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